Judith M Davis, MD

In 1994 Dr. Davis, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, serendipitously discovered a new technique for attaining emotional comfort. With this easily learned self-hypnotic technique, anyone can develop a new mental entity, an Inner Guide, that can solve problems and eliminate stress. Though it seems magical, it is based on sound scientific principles that Dr. Davis elucidated as she developed the theory that explains this phenomenon. Having used it successfully for herself, her patients, and others, she realized that it would be valuable for everyone, and has founded the Emotional ComfortĀ® Company to help people learn this technique on their own. Dr. Davis was trained at Yale Medical School, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the Institute for Psychoanalysis in Chicago. She has taught at the medical schools of Vanderbilt University, Rush University, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and at the Institute for Psychoanalysis. She has served as Associate Director of Graduate Education in Psychiatry and Associate Director of Inpatient Psychiatry at Northwestern, and has developed psychotherapy training programs at the Institute and at Northwestern. Having taught high school science before becoming a physician, she has a special interest in helping teachers.